Inprova Group Acquires Valueworks

Inprova Group, a specialist procurement services business, headquartered in Warrington, Cheshire has recently acquired Valueworks. Inprova Group has a long and rich legacy of providing a broad range of procurement related services to a range of customers, both within the UK and internationally and in particular in the housing market through the brand Procurement for […]

The privatisation of housing associations is inevitable

Housing associations will be set free to roam as private companies. There is no doubt in my mind about this. You look at all the cash tied up in the bricks and mortar. Each and every day lots more cash comes in from renters and buyers. In most places, there is plenty of demand for […]

Hedge your bets

No, Crystal Amber is not the name of an inmate in Orange is the New Black. But she just might change your life. Hands up if you are one of the registered providers (RPs) that piled into private renting? It all looked so easy. Grainger are the biggest players and they make money. So just […]

Top skill required on a housing association board? Juggling

Housing association boards are in a new era, one that requires the ability to juggle a huge range of demands. They must have something to offer that makes sense to government, councils and people from all walks of life who want homes. One the one hand, housing association boards need to be more commercial. This […]

Government eyes on housing association value for money statements

Is it your job to write the VfM statement for your housing association? If so, you are about to do one of the most political things you have ever done in your life. Have you thought about who will read it? The minister’s advisors can’t wait. What are they looking for? You don’t have to […]

Conflicts of Interest

Have you heard of Gertjan Vlieghe? He wants to join the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee to set interest rates. So he could be the guy that triggers one of your biggest stress tests if his hand goes up for a hike in rates. But he faces his own problems. MPs want to quiz […]