Welcome to the heart of Social Housing

At Valueworks we help social landlords manage their risk - while meeting stakeholder expectations and protecting the future of their organisations.

Using cloud-based software, Valueworks independently catalogues, manages and facilitates the commercial agreements made between social landlords and their trading partners.

When you join the network, you gain access to this shared, real-time data too. You manage contracts more efficiently and ensure compliance - secure in the knowledge that the supporting data is accurate and up to date.


Valueworks acts as the independent heart of social housing, providing:  

Cloud-based software. Shared, low-entry costs, plus it's easy to configure the software to fit your requirements. Upload your own programme of works and manage transactions going forward.               

Validated data. Valueworks proactively verifies your data to high levels of accuracy. Validate risk and performance management data based on actual transacted works, and improve your operations.

Compliance expertise. Satisfy the regulators with transaction-led audit data. Ensure compliance throughout your supply chain. Demonstrate value for money to all stakeholders.

Ongoing support. The Valueworks team brings a wealth of expertise in social housing and construction - including IT and integration, category management, procurement and sourcing. 

Join the Valueworks network and gain access to a wealth of information and expertise today. Manage risk, protect the future of your organisation - and above all, enhance the lives of your tenants. 
Contact us: helpdesk@valueworks.co.uk 01942 614 051.